Retail Banking

Retail Banking – Finland’s leading provider of home and corporate loans

OP Financial Group is Finland’s leading provider of home and corporate loans. We wish to provide both our personal and SME customers with the best customer experience locally and digitally, and to be a reliable and flexible financial partner in their various life situations.

Wide range of tools for personal financial management

We offer versatile services for private customers, such as daily banking, loans, savings and investments, as well as extensive owner-customer benefits. OP Koti helps our customers with housing-related services. Our range includes a customised and award-winning Private Banking service. In addition, we provide investment advice at our branches. In 2020, the international Euromoney magazine ranked OP as Finland’s best provider of Private Banking services. We serve our customers in digital channels, by phone and through a comprehensive branch network across Finland. We seek to secure financial prosperity for our owner-customers and to promote their personal financial management and success.

Long-term partner for SME customers

As a partner for SMEs, we want to promote the success and growth of local business. We provide SME customers with all corporate and entrepreneur banking services, financing, payment transaction and cash management services, investment services, and expert services related to business development. We provide new SMEs with a wide range of services and support individuals in starting a business.

We are continuously developing our services to meet our customers’ changing needs. We seek to provide the best multichannel customer experience in the sector.

Approximately 900 professionals in the financial sector work at Retail Banking. In 2020, the deposit portfolio of Retail Banking was nearly 70 billion euros in total, and the loan portfolio some 59 billion euros. The market share of home loans is 39% of the entire market.

Career opportunities at Retail Banking

Retail Banking offers diverse career paths, whether you want to improve your customer service or sales skills or become an ironclad expert in the financial sector, payments or asset and wealth management. The sales organisation of Retail Banking consists of OP cooperative banks, and the central cooperative is in charge of product and service development, group-level marketing and digital sales, and it produces services to support sales and a centralised service production. We offer career opportunities for experts in financial business, process development, product and service development, data analytics, digital sales, marketing, and communications. These tasks are focused in the Helsinki and Oulu regions.

The Retail Banking Operations and Capabilities functional division has over a thousand customer service and analytics professionals who produce front and back office services as a centralised service to OP cooperative banks for the financing and housing-related services for personal customers, asset and wealth management, daily banking of personal customers, SME daily banking, and for accounts, payments and managing finances. Our customer service organisations are a part of our business divisions, seamlessly merging the whole value chain from service production to sales and marketing support, service production, and customer service. Our locations include Tampere, Oulu, Helsinki, Joensuu, and Vaasa.

With us, your work results will have an influence on the everyday lives of millions of people in Finland at best. OP Financial Group’s mission is to promote the sustainable prosperity, security and wellbeing of its owner-customers and operating region, which strongly guides our daily operations. One of our strategic focus points is to have the best customer experience in our field, and we have achieved this according to many indicators. We value team work and expertise greatly, and we try to form teams of multi-professional talents.

The diverse operation of Retail Banking offers interesting career paths and points of development, even for the more experienced professionals and business developers. On the other hand, we give young talents a thorough orientation and training to the world of finance, particularly in customer interface tasks. Many financial sector experts got the spark for the field by being a summer employee or intern at their local OP cooperative bank. Our cooperative basis and cooperation with our large network of OP cooperative banks make the business environment more interesting. The national network of OP cooperative banks and OP Koti agencies ensures that we always have an understanding of the developing needs of our customers.

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