OP Financial Group is implementing a world-class cloud migration – diverse career opportunities available

What does cloud migration mean in the scale of Finland’s largest financial services provider? How would you like to contribute to a technology change that affects the daily lives of more than 3.5 million Finns and is one of the largest in Finland? Read more below and check open jobs.  
OP Financial Group's adoption of cloud services will provide a solid foundation for the development of better services and business. With the migration, we become a responsible forerunner in the financial sector and participate in promoting digital growth in the entire country. Migration of the entire OP Financial Group's IT architecture on a comprehensive basis to the cloud environment constitutes one of the biggest technological changes in our history. We want you along on this journey! 

Versatile tasks with Microsoft’s technologies

We take care of our competencies and invest in future technologies with world-class tools and partner networks. The migration to public cloud services is implemented in cooperation with Microsoft. As a result, our technology expertise will focus on the versatile use of Azure’s and Microsoft’s entire ecosystem – without forgetting other technologies, such as AWS and Guidewire.  

Continuous competence development and extensive benefits in kind

A competent and thriving personnel is at the core of everything we do, and we want to offer our experts the opportunity to develop their career path as they desire. The 70:20:10 model we use ensures that our employees can use 10% of their working time for deepening their competence and learning new skills. This is implemented via OP Financial Group’s own Software Academy and customised training paths, for example. In addition, employees can develop their own expertise with internal career opportunities and job rotation.  
We invest in cooperation, a sustainable learning culture and self-managed teams in which every voice counts. Based on our One Culture philosophy, we are united by similar values and goals regardless of background or location. 
At OP Financial Group, life is more than just work. That’s why we want to foster a flexible work and leisure balance via hybrid work, for example. We also offer extensive benefits in kind, such as discounts for insurance and banking services. 

Pioneer in the financial sector

We are Finland's largest enterprise agile firm and we make sure that each one of us in the Group is able to work with low hierarchy and in a self-managed manner. We invest heavily in development and prepare for the continuously changing world, particularly when it comes to technological requirements. We trust that we are building ever better financial services by experimenting bravely and investing in the right projects, partnerships and technologies.

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